Last of the Harvest

Hello to all as our season of beautiful harvest is nearing an end!

It has been a delightful garden, the bees prospered, as I hope all of you did as well.   There is a bit left in the garden, and there are pears and apples as well.  Some apples are best in a couple of weeks, but there’s fruit to be picked now.  On the tail end of the garden harvest:  kale, beets, basil, corn, PUMPKINS!, carrots, acorn squash, a few late beans, green tomatoes, peppers, and lovely eggplants.

Come soon!  As this fall weather turns, all will be asleep as soon as the first cold spell hits.

Thank you for all your work, encouragement, weeding and patience with nature.

Suzannamaria and Dario


Halloween BASH!

My crazy husband has now gone to video invites. Yep, Utube.  Click on the link below for your invite.  It will be October 28 at 7pm and is the usual costume/scary food contest/Bozo Brothers and Blues/BYOB/Potluck.  He loves this stuff.  Good thing we have the barn! The new and improved barn is all indoors – no outside in the gravel dancing/cavorting anymore!!

Hope to see you for the fun!

Suzanne and Darrel

Special Events


Hello to all our gardening buddies!

My countertop is covered in tomatoes, and there’s a lot more out in the garden!  Along with carrots, beets, basil, corn, squash, cukes, dill, hops, peppers, beans, oh my!! And pears (red ones especially at the top of the hill) and a few apples.  Come get them as soon as you can escape into the gardens, my friends!  Darrel and I will be home this morning, and tomorrow all day.  Next week is open, just come on over.  The harvest window is narrow now; so don’t miss out!  (Most apples aren’t ready until next month.)

Have a wonderful end of summertime, and may the basil be with you.

Suzannamaria & Dario

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Honey Time!

It’s honey harvesting time at the Co-op.  So far we have 2.5 gallons and we still have more honey supers to go.

I finally have been stung now twice (it’s been 2 years so not bad).  The pain is not so bad but the itching is very distracting.  We have a couple more supers sent out to a keeper with a honey extractor.  I would guess there are 2-3 gallons he will harvest for us.




Once we have all the honey extracted we will start pouring small honey packages for the Co-op members to enjoy.


Bees, Harvest

Harvest, harvest, harvest…

Hello my dear gardening friends,

The garden looks beautiful (much thanks to all who weeded!) and has much to offer right now.  Come on over and harvest this weekend if you can!  The beans need to be picked!  There are tomatoes, egg plants, carrots, beets, corn, peppers, dill, basil, potatoes, cukes (a few) and it’s all ready now!  There are some apples and pears ready, and we would love to share all this bounty with you.

Thank you for all your work and encouragement!  Oh, we also hope to harvest the honey this weekend – which I am very excited about.  I am a little sad I have to be the director rather than the collector this time, but Darrel is good solo.  He does not mind the bees flinging themselves at his efforts.  The girls are just doin’ their job!

Take care all, and hope to see you soon,


Garden, Orchard

WeedFest – BozoPalooza

Hello all my fancy fellow farmers!

Next Saturday, August 12, is our big weeding day/potluck extravaganza, and you are all invited to join in!  We start at 9am, and quit by 4pm.  Darrel is planning to bbq for lunch, so bring whatever sounds yummy to add to the grill.  Some of his band mates may be hanging out, too – so we may get to listen to a guitar lick or two!

The garden looks like a jungle, and I picked the first beautiful tasty, dark chocolate mini-tomatoes this morning as I pulled weeds the size of small trees!  They were delicious.

Harvest:  there may be beans by next weekend – not sure yet.  We have dill, parsley, cilantro, carrots, beets, some lettuce, peppers, and eggplant, and basil.   There may be some cucumbers poking around. Perhaps a tomato or two will ripen due to this crazy hot weather.  It’s just beautiful, but needs some taming!

After our weeding party, I will keep you posted as things ripen.  Next month should be big for tomatoes & squash, and the corn patch looks great!  Apples and pears ripen late, late – in early fall.

Bees are buzzing – we had to cover them with a canopy it was so hot!! The girls are working hard to keep their hives cool enough!  It’s fun to watch them drink water – and they drink a lot!

Take care all,

Hope to see you Saturday.

Suzannamaria & Dario


WeedFest 2.0

Hello fellow farmers!

I just wanted to send a last notice to all who may be interested in helping out in the garden tomorrow.  We will be weeding, taming the beans and peas, and thinning the orchard fruit.  Start time is 9am and we will be enjoying a potluck lunch around noon.

Come with whatever tool you prefer weeding with, and something to toss into the pot luck arena for “feeding time.”  Enjoy the harvest that is ready for you!  (lettuce, spinach, parsley, beets, kale, radish…)

See you in the sunshine tomorrow!

Suzanna Maria


I have a need… a need to weed!

Hello Farmers!

One last reminder about this Saturday morning’s weeding party – just in case I missed anyone with my previous email.   If you have a free couple of hours, come join Darrel in the garden and whack a weed or two!

I surely will miss joining the group.  The other job out there is in the orchard – thinning the fruit.  The tiny apples and pears should be snipped to every 3 or 4 inches apart.

Have fun out there!

And enjoy some of the first harvests:  spinach, lettuce, parsley.  Even beet tops if you enjoy thinning the beets.  They are tiny and delicious.




Hello intrepid gardeners!

We have a garden, wahoooo!!  Thank you, Peter for helping me get all the tomatoes, peppers and egg plants nestled into the dirt!  It is all beautiful and seeded and planted!! Dario has a few pumpkin hills left to go, and I still have to hoe some corn and beans.  I thought you would all enjoy one photo of the pristine earth.  I am sure the plants are happy for the rain today.  I wanted you all to know the $$ you spent – every one – is in the ground.  Good investment. 😊

So now we water and wait and weed.  The 3 “W’s” of summer!

Weeding dates are as follows:  June 3, June 24, July 8 and August 12.  Darrel is in charge June 3 (very light weeding) and June 24.     We will both be here for weeding and potluck on July 8 and August 12.   The harvest right now is parsley and rhubarb. 😉  Strawberries are popping up all over in the barrels!  And it won’t be long – a couple of weeks or so – for our radishes, spinach, lettuce crops to be just big enough to munch.

All our best,

Suzannamaria and Dario

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Planting or Bust!

To all my lovely gardener enthusiasts,

Planting commences tomorrow!   I know – very short notice, but this is somewhat extraordinary circumstances this year, so I beg forgiveness.  From 12 pm to 5 or 6pm or so, I will be out there in the garden planting all the tomatoes and peppers and eggplants and seeds.  If you have time, come on over and join in for a bit.  This is the fun work.  The earth is tilled and ready to go!

Thanks to Rachel, Obeus and Patrick, the boxes were planted a couple weeks ago, and all those plant babies are popping up (peas, carrots, beets, radishes, lettuce, kale) and I used eggshells to persuade the slugs to avoid the tender shoots, and lots of reflective tape to scare away those greedy birds.  The starts look good.

Weeding commences whenever you have time to pull a few.   I know weekends are best for most of you.

June 3 and June 24 are open – Darrel will be around for weeding  support.  I will be at work minding the human babies!

We will not be weeding June 17, as we have a giant sandcastle to build with the grandkids.

July 8 and August 12 will be big weeding/gardening dates with potlucks at the noonish hour.

I will keep all posted when there is harvest.  Right now you can take home rhubarb! We also have a long row of parsley that overwintered nicely.

Take care,


Garden, Planting