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Me and the Tire-Lady

Well,… before I spent quality time next to the Less Schwab popcorn machine I did manage to hit the pool. I reached my goal of 1000 yards this morning… it took me just under 30 minutes, and I’m suffering from … Continue reading


First Day Retired

So if you gotta work after you’ve retired it’s helpful if you can move your workdays around… like chess pieces. Today was the first full workday I was off as a “retired” person. That being said I did check some … Continue reading

Thoughts on the Swing

Phantom Pain

Bud was my father-in-law. He was most definitely what you would refer to as a bad-ass. When I first started dating Suzanne I soon found out he had 3 sons from his first marriage that would have happily despatched me on his … Continue reading


CLSDC (Canter Lane Snack and Discussion Club)

Minutes of a Road Trip After rushing home from work, I had just fed and ran the dog, did a quick security check on exits and entrances, picked out a coat (not too heavy, not too light), grabbed a few … Continue reading

Thoughts on the Swing

The Boat Ramp Bumblebees

As we pulled up to the ramp at Hagg Lake, a slight breeze was beginning to kick up off the lake. There was a long line of cars with trailered boats waiting their turn on the boat ramp. It was … Continue reading

Thoughts on the Swing

The Praying Mantis

It was just a regular sales call really.  A long drive to Astoria during a typical drenching wet Oregon winter storm.  My first stop was Astoria Granite Works.  It was always more than a regular sales call for me.  I … Continue reading

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Holiday Adult Entertain Mints

Overstuffed with turkey, bacon, stuffing, mashed potatoes, veggies with bacon, bacon with veggies and capped off with mincemeat and sour cream raisin pie — pre-soaked with beer, mid-soaked with wine, post-soaked with another beer —- a restless meat sweat sleep … Continue reading

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Honey Time!

It’s honey harvesting time at the Co-op.  So far we have 2.5 gallons and we still have more honey supers to go. I finally have been stung now twice (it’s been 2 years so not bad).  The pain is not so … Continue reading

Bees, Harvest


Hello intrepid gardeners! We have a garden, wahoooo!!  Thank you, Peter for helping me get all the tomatoes, peppers and egg plants nestled into the dirt!  It is all beautiful and seeded and planted!! Dario has a few pumpkin hills … Continue reading

Garden, Planting

Planting or Bust!

To all my lovely gardener enthusiasts, Planting commences tomorrow!   I know – very short notice, but this is somewhat extraordinary circumstances this year, so I beg forgiveness.  From 12 pm to 5 or 6pm or so, I will be out … Continue reading

Garden, Planting