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Alert: Planting Day Reschedule

Hey there Co-op Members We have a bit of a family situation that has come up.  Due to a fire in Bud’s (her dad) garage last evening, Suzanne will be in Lebanon though this weekend helping with insurance, birds, and … Continue reading

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Planting Day Plans

Hello Co-op members and those who are considering! It has been a long, rainy, drizzly, cloudy, mushy winter and early spring.  How the earth will dry out in time for May, well only time will tell.  We are going to … Continue reading


Snow Flakes and Moth Traps

Hello all co-op enthusiasts! We have 5 inches of snow up here today, right now.  Just thought I’d share that! Also, for those of you itching to do a little more garden and orchard prep, I’m throwing March 18 out … Continue reading


An Emotional Extortion Exercise

“So are you celebrating Valentine’s Day or are you not a believer?” asked Naomi with a somewhat smirky smile.  I sat down on the bench and smirked back “You mean emotional extortion day?”  Naomi laughed as she slid a weight … Continue reading

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The Countdown to Wetter Abs.

There ought to be a law or something; for construction sites, whether they are commercial warehouses, track homes or just plain traffic light repairs. A law specifically prohibiting the stopping of traffic on notoriously busy thoroughfares during “rush hour” traffic. … Continue reading

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Last of the Harvest!

Hello Farmer Friends! Last Harvest Call:  We are looking at the end of our picking season for pears and apples!  Come soon (this week through the weekend)  if you’d like to share in this harvest.  There are about 6 pear … Continue reading


Two Weeks

The thing about working out is that you need to keep the schedule regular.  It’s bad enough that you find new muscle groups during regularly scheduled workouts that can seize you up for days at a time.  But taking two … Continue reading

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WeedFest 2.0 – 2016

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Picking up the Load

It was the smell that struck him at first. LeRoy motioned to the wounded Forceman to lay still as he reached for a bit of rope from his backpack. He thought he recognized the young Canadian man but he couldn’t … Continue reading

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Planting Day Video