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Me and the Tire-Lady

Well,… before I spent quality time next to the Less Schwab popcorn machine I did manage to hit the pool. I reached my goal of 1000 yards this morning… it took me just under 30 minutes, and I’m suffering from … Continue reading


Phantom Pain

Bud was my father-in-law. He was most definitely what you would refer to as a bad-ass. When I first started dating Suzanne I soon found out he had 3 sons from his first marriage that would have happily despatched me on his … Continue reading


Last of the Harvest

Hello to all as our season of beautiful harvest is nearing an end! It has been a delightful garden, the bees prospered, as I hope all of you did as well.   There is a bit left in the garden, and … Continue reading


New Garden Planting Date

Ok garden crew -Due to events beyond control, we are scheduling a new planting day.  I actually caught Darrel out weeding in prep!!  Of course he believes in power tools and tractors for all jobs – I’ll let you use … Continue reading


Planting Day Plans

Hello Co-op members and those who are considering! It has been a long, rainy, drizzly, cloudy, mushy winter and early spring.  How the earth will dry out in time for May, well only time will tell.  We are going to … Continue reading


Snow Flakes and Moth Traps

Hello all co-op enthusiasts! We have 5 inches of snow up here today, right now.  Just thought I’d share that! Also, for those of you itching to do a little more garden and orchard prep, I’m throwing March 18 out … Continue reading


Prune Fest!

Hello Co-Op friends and family! This Saturday is our first co-op day of the year.  We will be pruning the orchard, and planting a few seed babies, as well as hanging moth traps, and various other details that we hope … Continue reading

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Pruning Day!

Hello all! There are still some openings for our humble little Co-Op this year.  If interested, come join us Feb 28 for our opening day.  We will be pruning, fertilizing, and prepping for our gardening year.  We’d love to see … Continue reading


2015 Calendar

Hi Co-opers The 2015 Calendar is ready for planning.  Just click on the calendar tab above or click on the calendar image below.  Looking forward to lots of good companionship and a great harvest.  Happy New Year.


Garden Beauty

Photos by Co-op memeber Jazmen.