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Hello to all our gardening buddies! My countertop is covered in tomatoes, and there’s a lot more out in the garden!  Along with carrots, beets, basil, corn, squash, cukes, dill, hops, peppers, beans, oh my!! And pears (red ones especially … Continue reading

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Harvest, harvest, harvest…

Hello my dear gardening friends, The garden looks beautiful (much thanks to all who weeded!) and has much to offer right now.  Come on over and harvest this weekend if you can!  The beans need to be picked!  There are … Continue reading

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Happy 2017 from the Co-op

Hello friends and family of the Boyd Orchard & Garden Co-Op! I can’t believe it’s nearing time to open up the orchard and garden already!  If you’d like to join our community again this year, our first work day is … Continue reading

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Harvest 2016

Hello  and warmest of greetings!!  (hee hee) There is so much to pick in our garden and orchard now!!  Come help yourselves to this bounty. The pears have never been so good!  Pick all you want, store in fridge and … Continue reading

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Planting Day 2016

We had a very nice turn out for this year’s planting day.  The entire garden was completed in just a matter of a couple hours.  All the water bucket (120+) were put out in the orchard and a good deal … Continue reading

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Hello Dear Co-Op Friends! Sincere thanks to those who came out Saturday and helped dig up weeds and put the garden in such lovely order.  John, Connie, Carla, Ray, Talia, Elizabeth, Mark, Teresa, Allan and Christian – what a fabulous … Continue reading

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Prune Fest!

Hello Co-Op friends and family! This Saturday is our first co-op day of the year.  We will be pruning the orchard, and planting a few seed babies, as well as hanging moth traps, and various other details that we hope … Continue reading

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Spent the weekend getting the orchard sprayed.  Waited maybe just a week too long.  A good number of the trees were budding.  No tractor and no lime sulfur – dormant oil.  Switched over to a back pack sprayer and a … Continue reading

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Pruning Day 2014

Pruning day at the co-op. Thanks to all the members who braved the wet and cold to give the orchard a trim.


Bed Time for Gardens

Getting ready to put the garden to bed.  This weekend, I will shut down the irrigation system and get ready to plant new trees.  It’s been a pivotal summer for Suzanne and I.  Because of family obligations and my mom’s … Continue reading

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