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Halloween BASH!

My crazy husband has now gone to video invites. Yep, Utube.  Click on the link below for your invite.  It will be October 28 at 7pm and is the usual costume/scary food contest/Bozo Brothers and Blues/BYOB/Potluck.  He loves this stuff.  Good thing … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

It’s been an exceptional summer in terms of the orchards and gardens.  We’re still going through apples, trying to use them up as best we can.  I have plans for a much larger apple press for next year. The Halloween … Continue reading

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Weed Fest and Food Fest this coming Saturday July 13! From 9am to 5pm.

It’s official: the weeds are winning.  Time to battle!  This Saturday, our plan is to weed-wack and baby-back.  Start time is 9am, and we work until 12:30.  Then break out the feasting.  It’s pot luck again, and Darrel is putting … Continue reading

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Planting Day 2012

A heart felt thank you goes out to our co-op friends who helped weed and plant the garden this year.  It was a big job what with all of the weeding and prep that was needed before we could even … Continue reading

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New Beginnings as Planting Day Approaches.

Hello farming friends and family! The weeds are starting to take over, and the ground has warmed up – time to weed and plant! The official day to plant is May 19 – all day Saturday. I’m more ambitious than … Continue reading

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PruneFest 2012

Despite the ever changing weather our PruneFest turned out terrific.  Thanks for the help goes to Fluffy, Becky, Ray, Mary Ann, Kim, Kevin, BJ, Susan, Carla, Jessica, Sydney, Skylar, Misha, and Conrad.  We managed to get everything done and then … Continue reading

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Was that Summer or just a Hot Flash?

So as the long hot days of summer come to an end…  wait.  Long?  Hot?  Not! So I won’t bother you with my own attempts to explain global warming because the fact is this was one goofy summer.  Cold until … Continue reading

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