Happy 2017 from the Co-op

Hello friends and family of the Boyd Orchard & Garden Co-Op!

I can’t believe it’s nearing time to open up the orchard and garden already!  If you’d like to join our community again this year, our first work day is FEBRUARY 11, Saturday.  We will be pruning all the trees to prep for spring.  It needs to be done rain or shine, so we’ll be out there with our pruners and loppers, boots and rain coats!  Bring your own if you can; I do have a very limited supply of pruners to share.  I will have a crock pot full of something hot at lunch.  It will be a pot luck style shared meal, so bring what sounds good to you!  Our work will being at 9am and ending at 4pm.   Welcome All!

Send us an RSVP if you find a minute; it would be nice to have a head count to begin the year.  Recruitment is on!

Still charging $25 for the season, plus one work day for all the harvest you can carry away.  This is a Co-op with open arms and bridges policy.

Our future dates:  Planting Day will be May 6, and then weeding/gardening days will be June 17, July 8, August 12 and harvesting all over and in between. September into October is heavy harvest of orchard.

All our best wishes for this coming spring and summer; this will be a place to share, contemplate and enjoy working in the dirt and trees,  and celebrating with good food.

We will have 2 new bee colonies as well; as new beekeepers we learned much and look forward to understanding the bees a bit better through 2017.

See you in the trees,

Suzannamaria & Dario


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