Snow Flakes and Moth Traps

Hello all co-op enthusiasts!

We have 5 inches of snow up here today, right now.  Just thought I’d share that!

Also, for those of you itching to do a little more garden and orchard prep, I’m throwing March 18 out there as a day to help mix and hang moth traps in the trees (think bananas, vinegar and a lot of molasses), scratch at the raised beds a bit, and poke in some seeds.  If the day is somewhat dry, we may also prune back the marionberries, which need it desperately.   I will cancel if there is snow.  Good grief!

Darrel and I will be working at the projects off and on that day – very casual type of arrangement.  You are welcome to join us if you have a bit of time!

Carla – broken arms get you out of all work. J



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