Planting Day Plans

Hello Co-op members and those who are considering!

It has been a long, rainy, drizzly, cloudy, mushy winter and early spring.  How the earth will dry out in time for May, well only time will tell.  We are going to work on earth prep and plant what we can on May 6.  I will buy all the seeds and plants, and have them ready for your depositing into our collective earth.   We may need to hold the tomato plants, eggplants and peppers hostage in the green house for a bit – I don’t think the earth will be warm enough.  I’ll commit to watering and not killing the green house plantings.  We’ll schedule another planting day to follow up as needed.

Bring you mucklucks (boots), shovels, hoes, and whatever tools/clothes you prefer to scrape some weeds and dig up the dirt.  We will get the thing planted!

If you have something unique and unusual you’d like to plant, bring it along.  We’ll find a spot.

Oh, the bees are settling in nicely, and flying out of the hives when the sun peeks out.  We saw both queens when we installed the nucs last Saturday!  They are dotted with yellow paint, so our new beekeeper eyes were able to spot them!

Pot Luck  Lunch of course.

Also – if I missed someone, please let me know.  I think I’m missing a couple of email addresses.

Happy Easter weekend!
Suzannamaria and Dario


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