Pick Pick Pick

Hello co-op collectors!

The garden is making veggies!  The changes are fun to see – the pumpkin patch looks wild tonight – I think the corn grew a foot this week!   So, hunt through the pumpkin patches on both sides of the garden for the string beans – they are delicious, and on every pumpkin hill.  Egg plant, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes, chard, carrots, beats,peas, basil, rosemary,lavendar, mint, dill are coming along nicely.  There are apples in the big “mother” apple that are ready, and summer squash.  Have fun collecting!  Darrel and I will be in and out – come anytime to pick.  Never be afraid…(to pick a weed!)  See you out on the pumpkin patch!  Stay tuned for tomatoes…



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  1. Melissa Blanchard

    I was telling my friend about your garden and she was wondering if she had to work all the hours in one day. Also she was wondering if her daughter helps her out, is that two hours for every one hour worked. BTW, I’ll get a check over to you too for my signing up portion.

    • dario

      No it can be spread over as many days as she prefers. We keep a log book in the barn so it’s an honor system. No big deal. We make announcements for group working days. It’s pretty easy going.

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