About the Farm

Co-op Program Outline 2020

Collina di Mela (Apple Hill) Co-op: Dario and Suzanna Maria’s Apple Hill is a Co-op dedicated to growing fresh organic produce and strong friendships. Members of the Co-op pay a small annual fee and provide sweat equity toward each harvest. Collina di Mela is located on 3 acres of pristine farm land on Chehalem Mountain in Oregon.

Program Fees and Sweat Equity

Membership at Collina di Mela can be obtained with a small annual fee of $25.00 and a minimum of 10 hours of work per year.  Membership is limited to 25 households so that there may be plenty of produce for everyone involved.  All produce grown on this farm are available to members during the normal harvest periods.  Planting and harvesting activities are posted by email, our website, and Facebook pages.  Obviously, the windows for harvesting are limited and members should take advantage through being available for picking.  Depending on yield there may be limits on the harvest per family.  Any produce that remains is subject to be sold or given away before spoilage.

What we can guarantee and what we can’t

Obviously farming and gardening can be a somewhat risky venture when you consider weather, the numerous pests, and diseases that can strike crops.  There are no refunds on annual fees but every effort will be made to salvage what we can and make the produce available to members.  Again, we will post messages to keep you informed.

The Farm

  • 120 Fruit Trees consisting of Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries, and Medlar.
  • Garden Space consisting of an area up to 5000 sq ft.
  • 45 lineal ft of Logan & Marionberries
  • 75 lineal ft grapes
  • A trellis of miniature Kiwi vines.
  • 6 Blueberry Bushes.
  • Honey Bees – Apiary (Expecting a Honey Harvest in Aug 2020)



  • kate sealey

    Hi guys,

    Bill Blanchard was telling me about your project and said you might still have two spots left? If you do can I also be apart of the gardens? What info would you like from me? Looking forward to hearing from you.

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