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Alert: Planting Day Reschedule

Hey there Co-op Members

We have a bit of a family situation that has come up.  Due to a fire in Bud’s (her dad) garage last evening, Suzanne will be in Lebanon though this weekend helping with insurance, birds, and Bud.  Fortunately, Bud is just fine (very grumpy, but fine) but he has no water, electricity or heat, and the house has some smoke damage.  The family seems to be rallying well to get Bud through all of this.
As for our Planting Day, it does present a problem or two.  Due to the very wet spring, we have not been able to get any prep work done and the ground is not quite ready for rototilling.  I’ve also got some barn prep (doors coming Monday) and two very large piles of rock I have to get distributed around because doors are coming Monday.  I think this is the first time we’ve ever had to reschedule a work day but Suzanne and I have discussed it at length and think it is best.  Stay tuned to these email posts and/or for a new date.

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