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Hello intrepid gardeners!

We have a garden, wahoooo!!  Thank you, Peter for helping me get all the tomatoes, peppers and egg plants nestled into the dirt!  It is all beautiful and seeded and planted!! Dario has a few pumpkin hills left to go, and I still have to hoe some corn and beans.  I thought you would all enjoy one photo of the pristine earth.  I am sure the plants are happy for the rain today.  I wanted you all to know the $$ you spent – every one – is in the ground.  Good investment. 😊

So now we water and wait and weed.  The 3 “W’s” of summer!

Weeding dates are as follows:  June 3, June 24, July 8 and August 12.  Darrel is in charge June 3 (very light weeding) and June 24.     We will both be here for weeding and potluck on July 8 and August 12.   The harvest right now is parsley and rhubarb. 😉  Strawberries are popping up all over in the barrels!  And it won’t be long – a couple of weeks or so – for our radishes, spinach, lettuce crops to be just big enough to munch.

All our best,

Suzannamaria and Dario

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