Garden,  Orchard

Harvest, harvest, harvest…

Hello my dear gardening friends,

The garden looks beautiful (much thanks to all who weeded!) and has much to offer right now.  Come on over and harvest this weekend if you can!  The beans need to be picked!  There are tomatoes, egg plants, carrots, beets, corn, peppers, dill, basil, potatoes, cukes (a few) and it’s all ready now!  There are some apples and pears ready, and we would love to share all this bounty with you.

Thank you for all your work and encouragement!  Oh, we also hope to harvest the honey this weekend – which I am very excited about.  I am a little sad I have to be the director rather than the collector this time, but Darrel is good solo.  He does not mind the bees flinging themselves at his efforts.  The girls are just doin’ their job!

Take care all, and hope to see you soon,


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