Thoughts on the Swing

Me and the Tire-Lady


before I spent quality time next to the Less Schwab popcorn machine I did manage to hit the pool. I reached my goal of 1000 yards this morning… it took me just under 30 minutes, and I’m suffering from delusions of getting the time down to 20 minutes, but I felt pretty good and the experience didn’t seem to hurt that much…

That is, until, after my swim, I had sat at Less Schwab for about an hour and then tried to stand up.

The young “Tire Lady”, who did the work on my car, hucking tires around as well as any of the guys, suddenly looked up from the counter. I groaned as I looked up at her concerned face…

“No, you don’t need to do it” …I grunted

She looked puzzled and asked… “Do what?”

“You don’t need to fetch your jack to get me out of this chair”

As I hobbled to the desk she tried to conceal her giggling.

“I’m sorry sir I’m not laughing at you”

I nodded and then gave her my best inquisitive look… “Oh, well… then what are you laughing at?”

“Well, sir…” she smiled as she looked up from the bill she was making for me… “You kind of remind me of my grandpa”

I smiled …”Yes, I seem to do that for young ladies these days… but I just want to tell you something. My father-in-law was a one-handed tire-man and he was like you in many ways, doing the work, getting it done, getting the respect…”

“…I think you would have liked him”

She smiled and showed me the bill which I paid without a fuss. As I put my card back in my wallet I looked her in the eye…

“Young lady, I am certain that wherever your grandpa is right now… he is proud of you…” – then I got purposely loud – “…and Less himself, should proud be as well.”

I left the popcorn laden lobby having made sure all the other “tire guys” could hear me. As I turned to look back, I could see she was blushing just a bit.

If being retired means I get to make a hard-working young lady’s day well hell,

I’m in.

db 1-27-2020

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