Thoughts on the Swing

Bud Tells…

If you don’t shut up
I’m gonna slap you so hard
Your brain is gonna have
White caps for a week

Cuz there’s no use
No use in complaining
Nobody listens to ya anyway
No one likes a complainer

Even when it is raining
Raining so hard 
It’s like a God damned cow 
Pissing on a flat rock

And holy hell
You probably couldn’t 
Whip your way out 
Of a wet paper sack anyway

And I’ve got news for you

I don’t care because
The thing about trouble is
Either I’m just getting into trouble
Or I’m just getting out of trouble

So keep the bugs off
Your bumper and
The bears off
Your donkey… 10-4

And come back
And see me sometime
Now that you know
Where I live.

For Bud


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