Thoughts on the Swing

A thing of Canter Lane

A wise young lady entered Canter Lane
The eldest of the elders spied her

“Do you have a thing?” She asked.
The young lady stared back silently

“A thing?” The young lady finally asked
“A thing… a thing of this place” said the elder

The gammer tilted her head slowly in dismay
As she faced an abandoned colloquy.

“Wait, I have a thing” the young woman said
The sage looked up from her dismay

“I have the warmth from their hearts”…
“The wisdom from their stories”

The old shaman slowly gazed up at her
Cracking an unlikely smile from her brittle face

“And my dear,…”

“…you have what a bright one deserves”
“You have our love and best wishes”

In your travels may you keep this thing
A thing from all of us on Canter Lane.

For Justine
A citizen in good standing
Of Canter Lane
June, 2020

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