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In the words of Steve

Recently Suzanne and I watched the movie “Yesterday” …at the very direct insistence of my old high school friend Steve.  I had heard wonderful things about the movie but somehow, I lost the notion to watch it.  While it’s true there has been a lot going on these days you would think it would have come up in a streaming binge or two.  

But, if not for my good friend it might have slipped away; forever.  

Which, as it turns out, is kind of the point of the movie.  If you haven’t seen it I will try not to spoil it but, it’s about a struggling musician played by Himesh Patel, who simply has a wonderful and comfortable singing voice; crap I’ll just say it, you should watch it for no reason than to hear this man play and sing.  

So it is a movie about desire, songwriting, The Beetles, desire, song stealing, The Beetles, guilt, desire, success, The Beetles, more guilt, some stuff you need to see the movie for, and then preservation.

Oh, and you’ll sing… of course you’ll sing.  

Ok, so;

 In the words of Steve… “You MUST watch this movie”.

So, one scene I have to give away.  I mean, I’m trying to tell a story here and frankly if you haven’t seen the movie by now I have to tell you; you’re sucking wind behind the lamest movie watching dude < (this word is about to be important) for like… EVER!

That would be me.  Not the dude, or any semblance of a dude. 

So, this musician blinks into a word without The Beetles (among a few other things) and quickly realizes all those great songs don’t exist today. It’s a bit of a read if I bothered to spell it out for you so I’ll just sum up that this young man writes down every song he can remember and starts playing them; and ends up in a rather posh recording studio with Ed Sheehan, of all people, trying to record “Hey Jude” (A great song he is feeling guilty that he didn’t write) when Ed, of all people; I mean he would be the last person, … suggested a change; Especially this change.  

“Hey Dude”

So I enjoyed the movie and that was a funny moment.  So since watching it,  the past week or so my back, shoulder and neck (another long story) has been competing for my attention as I try to do what used to be normal stuff (for me), and it often leaves me exhausted with my muscles in knots by the end of a day.  So my newly retired nurse and lovely wife has been giving me wax treatments using a combination of very warm wax, cloth strips and sort of a paintbrush.  

(Point of clarification: This is not the kind of waxing that ends with screaming)

Mio Amore has always taken very good care of me.  

So there I am laying face down with towels and blankets snuggling the warm wax against my back and neck, my eyes buckling into slumber, as a final clearing breath gives way to a pause in my mind… 

“Hey Jude…”

Suddenly I’m laying there with a song going through my head; which is not the least bit uncommon for me but, at least this is a great song – and so I drifted through it.  And as is often the case, I even experienced the grand delusion of a possible Bozo Brothers version of it for my band.

(The Bozo Brothers is my band… doesn’t everyone have a band?)

And then so, 

My brain started working on that.  

Another personal note:  It was only a few short years ago when I realized my attention span involved a massive amount of distractions that I was able to organize, or ignore outright,as a younger man but now, hell, even a hot wax session turns out to be a project these days.  

So as I worked out the arrangements in my head I suddenly recalled a back story I heard once in an interview with Paul McCarthy many years ago. Paul wrote the song for Julian Lennon, John’s 5 year old son at the time.  It was a sweet thing to do for a little boy who was experiencing the breakup of his parents.  Paul originally called the song “Hey Jules”.  The story goes that John was very touched with the song but being a consummate song writer himself, suggested Paul change it to “Jude” – simply because the “D” sounded better.  

…And so as I laid there it suddenly dawned on me, the sneaky inside joke in this movie with a ridiculous storyline.  Someone, and in this case a very good songwriter in Ed Sheeran suggested adding another “D”.  

Ridiculous and absolutely brilliant.  

“Hey Dude”

Well anyway, “In the words of Steve”.  


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