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Was that Summer or just a Hot Flash?

So as the long hot days of summer come to an end…  wait.  Long?  Hot?  Not!

So I won’t bother you with my own attempts to explain global warming because the fact is this was one goofy summer.  Cold until late July and still cool through August.  I think only one day broke 90.  Just barely.  We may get a couple of warm days this weekend (maybe 90’s) but the fact is the whole year is just plain late.  And so are our tomatoes.  We have a beautiful crop that is numerous, plump and just plain green.  The pumpkins and corn are looking good so far.  They don’t seem to care about tomatoes.  But that’s not surprising because tomatoes never cared about them.  So goes the garden.

On another positive note, the Apple House is complete and meets approval with our grandchildren.  Painting has begun with the appointments of a carved apple above the entry and blue skies with puffy clouds gracing the ceilings.  A little high tech has been added with the perk of solar powered rope lights inside.  The slide and climbing wall are a hit.  I guess I’m going to have to add a climbing rope to the climbing wall.  Continuous improvement is always the mark of a good grandpa.

I’ll be switching to “Barn Mode” here soon.  The 25th anniversary of our Halloween Bash is coming this year and the Barn will be the venue.  I need to get the barn ready.  It’s gonna be a hoot.

Well that’s all for now.  I have to go soak my feet.

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