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Winter Chilla Thrilla

So just a few years after the biggest snow storm I’ve ever seen in this area, we get another big (yet shorter) dose of big snow on the mountain.  After a light dusting last Sunday we were completely snowed in on Tuesday with about 10″ of heavy wet snow.  I spent the day on the tractor clearing our driveway and several of my neighbors drives.

It felt good to pay back all the kindness we received when the big snow caught us unprepared a few years ago.  However, the snow wasn’t the only feature of this storm.  As quick as it came it melted and caused some problems with the barn area.

Had to do some late night tractor work to dig trenches and berms to redirect the water away from my barn.  The water is
finally receding.  Some repair work to do but not as bad as it could have been.

The farm is safely put to bed so Suzanne and I have been working on details for the Co-op agreement and the calendar. We’ll be mailing them out soon.  


The Gopher and Mole count has been reset for the new year.  I hope most of them drowned (painlessly of course) during all this flooding.  On the other hand Bella has thoroughly enjoy romping in the snow.  She had a great time helping me work.


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