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PruneFest 2012

Despite the ever changing weather our PruneFest turned out terrific.  Thanks for the help goes to Fluffy, Becky, Ray, Mary Ann, Kim, Kevin, BJ, Susan, Carla, Jessica, Sydney, Skylar, Misha, and Conrad.  We managed to get everything done and then some.

The fact these people looked out, saw the weather and still came to work was impressive to say the least.  We had snow, sleet, rain, wind and sunshine.  At one point worked stopped for a coffee break simply because we were in a white out.

All in all, the tree were pruned and the clippings were all picked up.  The garden and several other areas were dressed up with new layers of cedar chips.  Kevin moved a compost pile.  Ray did the high pruning (because he’s tall) but Jessica get’s the award for highest pruner because she climbed the mother apple.

The following weekend I managed to get all the compost moved out to the garden. Have to find some 10′ posts to build an arbor over the stairway to the garden. Also racked up the first two gophers for the year. BIG ROUS’ type gophers trying to make their way down from the horse pastor next door. One has been tearing up the front yard now for about 6 months. Suzanne did a victory dance when I finally got him. The weather keeps changing from Sun to Snow to Rain. Hoping March will finally settle down so we can get some more work done.

Thanks again goes out to our workers.

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  • Carla

    It was a great, fun afternoon! Suzanne’s just baked scones and coffee cake – delicious – helped the work along exceedingly :o)
    Looking forward to the next time.

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