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Planting Day 2012

A heart felt thank you goes out to our co-op friends who helped weed and plant the garden this year.  It was a big job what with all of the weeding and prep that was needed before we could even begin planting.  After all of that came the realization that the water system needed to be de-winterized and set up.  The weather struck just the right balance between sunshine warmth and cloudy cool.   There was Doug (King of Pumpkin Mounds), Kate and Alex, Chris and Jenna, Daryl and Vera (who in their 70’s out worked us all), Dan and Martha, Kim and Allie, and Gale (who worked nearly the whole day).  It was amazing how much work was done in a single day.  Only a few odds and ends to do on Sunday.  Maybe sunflowers up the driveway 🙂


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