Garden,  Orchard

WeedFest 1.0

Hello Coop dudes and dudettes!
We have a work day coming up for the farm; June 16 all day. We will be weeding, wacking, watering and willing the bugs, slugs, gophers, deer and other varmints and pests to cease and desist…  Also, there will be a few dead trees to chop down, and at least 2 apple trees and zuchinni to plant. There may be a big hill of mulch to move as well. We will cook – Dario will gas up the grill for a lunch time feast. If you would like to bring a fun dish to share at lunch, feel free. The menu provided will be hamburgers, hot dogs – simple bbq menu items. For harvesting, right now, we have rhubarb. So if you are partial, raid the patch and take what you would like. Hope to see you on the 16th!

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