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WeedFest 1.0: Some bugs yes, and worms, weeds and nasty deers.

Wow, what a turn out for WeedFest.  We had at least 20 people and holy cow, that did the trick.  The garden, berry rows and grapes were completely cleaned up and some of the pumpkins got transplanted around.  Kevin and Mathew went pyro and tried to burn out moles and gophers.  While I admire their firebug, I’m pretty sure the little critters went into hiding only to show up later.  The hops plants were nicely trellised so they know where we want them to go now.

So lets see, we had…
Daryl and Vera,
Doug, Kate, Alex and Sharleen (who spent her last day with us before flying back to China.),
Becky and Ray,
Susan and David,
Jazmen, Mathew and Kenzie
Kim and Kevin
Chris and Jenna
Dan and Martha

So the big problem is deer.  They’ve discovered the garden and orchard and they are not easily persuaded to disregard the treats we are growing.  Bella and I have been running deer patrol 3-4 times a night just to keep them at bay.  I’ve purchased an electronic deer fence (deer zappers) that,
with the help of the dog, hopefully will make life just a bit too complicated for them to dine leisurely.  The good news is that gophers are pretty much under control.  Which is another thing I didn’t have the heart to tell Mathew and Kevin 🙂


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