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Pre-picked Pick-up

Hello fellow co-oppers!  The days have been beautiful, and all sorts of things grew and ripened fast!  Had to be picked today, so I did.

Tonight, from 5pm to 9pm (while Dario and I dine on ribs and taters), I will be giving the produce to co-op members who are able to come pick up at our place.  I will also be available tomorrow morning from 07-10am for the morning folks.  Leftovers will be taken to the market tomorrow, selling whatever doesn’t get picked up.


There is still much to come next weekend:  we will have tomatoes again, cukes, peppers, egg plants, corn!, squash, (butternut, spaghetti and zucchini) carrots,  pears, apples, beet tops, chard in abundance, thyme, lavendar, basil, mint, and asian pears.   I will be working next weekend (Sept 15 and 16) and so you will most likely bump into Dario if you are able to come out.


The Harvest Fest Oct 21 Sunday is shaping up:  pumpkins galore, cider, home made apple pie, face painting, hoops if the weather is good, and I don’t know what else yet.  Put it on your calendar – it will be an afternoon event (1 or 2pm-ish).


Also – there will be a “put the garden to bed” date in the future – I just haven’t decided when yet.  I always enjoy that part of the year – not sure why.


Well, I hope you can come (although I understand the short notice) and pick up produce tonight or tomorrow morning.  If not, have fun harvesting next weekend!

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