Garden,  Harvest

Ahhh Too-Maaaaater

Hello Co-op-ers!   Wow we grew tomatoes!  The Milanos took home enough to

feed their big family today, but there was still a bunch that had to be harvested, and I’ll be home tonight after 6:30pm, if you’d like to come pick anything up.  Darrel will be home tomorrow night after work.  The rest will

be roasted!   I’ll try to bring a few to work for the St. V’s contingent,

Wednesday.  They are wonderful.  We have pears and lots of apples that are ready to go. We also still have some lemon cukes, peppers, squash, a few beets and carrots, and a few ears of corn.  The harvest will definitely dwindle very soon.  Buttnernut squash and pumpkins are still ripening.

The next big thing will be the October 21 Harvest Pumpkins and Fest day.  We are still planning all the details, but there are many pumpkins, and we will have hot cider, pie and a pretty fun afternoon for kids and grown-ups, too.

Then, the Halloween party of course, October 27 – “Bozos in the Barn”  – says it all.  Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful beginning of fall; soak up all the good weather you can stand!



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