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Climbing, Pruning and Bruising

So our first Co-Op day was a huge success; we pruned, and clipped and feasted in weather that was quite forgiving!  It was nice enough to consider eating outdoors (but then we got cozy, and enjoyed the warmth of our kitchen and all the good food; thank you Rachel and Jenna!)  There were some good pruning lessons offered by myself, and my Master Mother.    Heidi did fall out of the tree, and the bruise is impressive, but will forever remain secret and non-photographed!  I’m so happy Ray caught her!

The early garden items are planted: peas, carrots, beets, lettuce, radish and chives.  The new fire pit (my Christmas present…)  is wonderful, and has replaced the hobo fire in a good way.  I learned that tools and water do not mix.  Clean with rags and oil, and avoid rust.  Well, some things I learn the hard way.

Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the day and the work with us.  Next work day is scheduled May 18 – planting Day.  But stay posted, as there may be others, and the calendar sometimes shifts.

There are still 6 spots open, if anyone wants to join, or knows a friend who would like to jump in.

This year, we will let the new apple trees produce;  cross your fingers!!  There could be cider at the harvest fest….



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