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In Search of the Perfect Berry…


Hello co-oppers!  We have strawberries and lots of sweet peas, as well as some rhubarb yet to pick.  The pumpkin patch is growing!! I love it – only one week, and with this good weather, we have sprouts all over.  Darrel’s been working on the irrigation – it is no small space to water!   The only plants that really suffered the transplant blues are the eggplants and some of the cukes.  I may have to replace a few.  Feel free to come out to pick  –  the peas and strawberries will keep coming for a while.  Feel free to pluck a few weeds anytime!  They are now our nemesis collectively. May the force be with us all….

Official Work days to come:  June 22 (which will be 1/2 day from 9am to 1pm)  and July 13 (Full day).
But, we will never refuse weeders any day!
See you soon!

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