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Weed Fest and Food Fest this coming Saturday July 13! From 9am to 5pm.

It’s official: the weeds are winning.  Time to battle!  This Saturday, our plan is to weed-wack and baby-back.  Start time is 9am, and we work until 12:30.  Then break out the feasting.  It’s pot luck again, and Darrel is putting ribs on the traeger, and dogs for those who cannot abide the ribs.   Bring side dishes, drinks, or any delicious item you’d like to share.   After we feast, we’ll work again until 5pm, and then we quit.     Kevin, yes I still have sulfur; bring a flare.  🙂
WeedFest 2.0
The harvest is changing again.  The Beauty Plums are ripening (SO delicious) and there may be a few to pick on Saturday, but most are a week or two away from repening.  There is dill, the tomatoes are starting, I saw a cucumber or two, there’s herbs, carrots, beets, spinach, lettuce, carrots, gooseberries, marionberries…
See you Saturday!

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