Harvest,  Stuff to Do

Tomatoes, Pears, Corn, and Bursting Fridges.

Hello Fellow Friendly Farmers!

Fall Garden 2013Well, there’s more!!   The corn is finally ready – one of my favorites!  I have picked the ripe tomatoes – had to happen before they split.  Let me know if you want them – they will be stewed into sauce very soon.  Next weekend there should be another crop of tomatoes ready.   Darrel and I had a lovely day in the garden yesterday.  It really is so beautiful right now – like a secret oasis.  There is a lot of produce to be picked, so come quickly! It won’t last long now – the pears need to all be picked, and the corn will get starchy if not picked.   We wait and wait and wait for this time of year, and then it’s all begging to be harvested!  My fridges are ALL full of apples and pears, and can take no more.  If anyone has a fridge they want to get ride of, let me know.

Have fun with this harvest.  It won’t be long, and it will be time to put the garden to rest for the winter.  I’ll post a date for the next work date – it will be weeding and mulching –covering her up.Harvest Bucket

See you soon!


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