Special Events

Happy Halloween

It’s been an exceptional summer in terms of the orchards and gardens.  We’re still going through apples, trying to use them up as best we can.  I have plans for a much larger apple press for next year.

The Halloween Bash was another smash hit this year with lots of great costumes, great music and some crazy things to eat.  We had not one, but two, cat litter crunch deserts that looked nasty.  But they tasted pretty good.  The best couple theme award was claimed by our good neighbors, Peter and Mary who came as the Lincolns.  Fortunately the top hat did not take out any of the lights.  The best costume award required a “face off” between Tracey and Alexis.  Alexis won with her costume of the “Stay Puff Marshmallow Man”, because she remembered a few more than 3 words of her favorite childhood song.

Just one more work day in order put the garden to bed, and then we’re done until next spring.


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