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Planting Day is Near!

20160402_112056Hello friends and family of the Boyd Farm!

We are drenched in rain, but looking forward to the warm sunny days of May and planting day.  Yes, I’m a bit delusional about the sunny days – but I can hope!   We will start early May 7th8am, and hope to get the big garden planted by lunch time.

We have a few other tasks including setting out all the watering buckets in the orchard, and hanging moth traps.   Bring a pot luck dish if you’d like to join us for lunch.  I’ll make sure there is a cooler full of water, and hot coffee.

The bees are in their boxes, and it has been quite fascinating watching them.  From a distance…  We do get up close and personal to feed them, and a new box on top is in order soon.  More stories to come, I’m sure.


Please feel free to invite a friend who might be interested in our co-op.  There is room to join!

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support as we try to grow things!

Suzannamaria and Dario

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