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A note from Suzanna

Hello Co-Op friends and family!
Darrel and I will be updating you regularly on the progress of our little “patch” up here on the hill. I am looking forward to planting early seeds very soon! The earth is still pretty soggy, and it is snowing, again! The compost has been spread a bit, the trees are pruned, and there’s just the marionberries left to be pruned (need my armor for that pruning!)
The calendar doesn’t have anything scheduled until May planting – but if you would like to help with planting the early seeds, we will be doing that work the next couple of Sundays. The job includes working the earth a bit for prep, moving some compost around, and of course putting the little seeds into the earth and labeling them. We have 9 big raised “boxes” for all the early seed plantings; the main garden won’t be planted until end of May.
I expect some weeding to begin in April, although there is not a date marked on your calendars. Feel free to weed anytime! 🙂 It is really beautiful up here – in a raw way – everything is still “asleep.” I enjoy this pause before the spring – it’s somehow a different kind of peace.
Oh, also – we have 5 more openings for members – if you know someone who is interested, let them know there’s plenty of time to join!
Thanks so much for joining this adventure.

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