Orchard,  Spraying

Is that rotten eggs? No it’s Winter Spraying.

So it never seems to matter how much of a space suite I wear for spraying.  I pay for it (and others too) for a couple of days.  Yes, I smell.  As much as I try to imagine I’m standing in front of the paint pots or hot pools in Yellowstone on a sunny day, I ultimately realize it’s me that smells like sulfur.  And I’m sitting at my desk wondering how to remedy the situation.

Well at least the upper orchard is done.  Still have to finish up the lower section and the mother apple tree.  I know, that means another few days of smelling like a gas leak.  But it’s the least I can do keep the creepy bugs and fungus from penetrating the precious buds of our fruit trees.  We use a mixture of dormant oil and lime sulfur.  While technically considered a pesticide they are one of the few considered acceptable for organic gardening because they break down quickly.  But the smell.  That lingers.  I know this because for the next few days my dog Bell will be giving me that “Hey, I smell better than you” look.

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